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Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm Saturday: 9:30-5:pm

It may not involve getting your hands dirty, but rolling up your sleeves to give financially is a central part of the battle. Your donations help provide aid, food, clean water, medical treatment and vaccinations to those at risk.

It’s tempting to solely donate to what we see in the media, but let’s not forget ongoing and under-publicised needs that are just as worthy of your donations as the latest trending campaign. That’s why we Iruabor Charities Prime Advocacy go out of our way to shine a spotlight on under-reported humanitarian crises in Anambra State so people like you can get involved.

Sponsor dreams.

Help us bring hope, worth, and
destiny to those in need. Your
gift will allow us to impact
more lives by helping us reach
more people, fund programs, pay
for school fees, medical bills,
and create peaceful Communities.